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The mission to personally help 100 businesses start here.

You're here because you're ready to take your business to the next level.  You can look at every Black Friday offer and none is going to personally help you 1:1 with your business and your content marketing strategy

Let's break down these statistics real quick

92% of small businesses agree mentors have a direct impact on growth and survival of their business.

Entrepreneurs are 5x more likely to start and be successful in a business with a mentor

87% of mentor led businesses are still in business after the first year vs the 75% that are not with a mentor

No more wasting your extra time trying to figure things out on your own.  Let's be honest if Youtube and Google was enough you wouldn't even be reading this.  In just 4 weeks, I'll help you start/take your business to the next level and attract hordes of raving fans to your IG - generating more income, more time and more freedom to the life you want to live.

No more scrolling on IG and wishing your content was as good as others, wishing you got the likes and engagement.  Knowing your business deserves all the attention and sales but its just not happening.  With us working together its inevitable for success to come.  There's no way that you can work on something for 30 days straight and not become better at it.  let me join your team and change the trajectory of your business.

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Let's talk about whats in it for you

  1. 1:1 coaching.  We will meet once a week for an hour to set business goals, strategize, go over content, and task for the week.  Having that accountability is a missing key to success because we all slack off when we aren't held responsible.

  2. Group coaching- You will be training with other like minded entrepreneurs every Monday from 6:30-7:30pm est.  You no longer have to feel like you're in this alone when you get to talk with other entrepreneurs.

  3. IG marketing strategy- Every post should have a purpose and a strategy of what to do before and after you post.  Just think of every post as an employee that serves a purpose for your business.

  4. I host a business mixer every Wednesday which includes free food and drinks.  Can you imagine meeting and being around 30+ entrepreneurs on a weekly basis.  You can even host one and be able to showcase your products or services

Here's a few IG STATS
  • There are over 1 billion+ user on instagram monthly that uses it for 30 minutes daily.  Those are your future consumers if you use instagram strategically.  With my marketing strategy we will get more eyes on your business

  • 200 million users visit a business profile daily, while 130 million users shop on instagram every month.  How many sells are you getting?

  • 81% of people use Instagram to research products/services that they are interested, they can be looking for you with the right content strategy

  • The average business account post 1x a day, by you posting 2x a day you are already beating your competition

No product

Here's a few freebies for your time today

This free Ebook was created to help entrepreneurs and website developers.

Sometimes it's hard to talk about ourselves and what it is we do but I just made it that much easier for you.  What about your mission and vision statement for your business?  Do your customers know that about your or your brand?  Can you explain them on your website or when you are being interviewed?  Do you know the difference between a mission and vision statement?  It's ok it's all covered in my Ebook.

Web developers do you have to pull your clients teeth and wait for them to write out these sections for you.  I know, it slows up the process and you cant be finished until they do their part.  Give them this Ebook to help get the job done faster 

Without knowing who you're talking to your content means nothing.  Here's my target audience worksheet that'll help you have a more clear message

Want to learn how to create content?  Here's my video for 5 easy ways to create content

Now after all these freebies I have to leave you wondering what else can he give me?  Well I'm glad you asked, there are two ways to work with me.  You can join my mentorship program or invest in yourself for my 1:1 coaching.  Now having me as your coach you automatically get my mentorship program.  Click on each picture below to check out each program

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