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The Money Talks Conference is here to lay out three ways to increase the income of your business. 

🌱Business Credit / Finance 

🌱Creative Content 

🌱Developing a Team


Conference Topics 


Business Credit: learn how to develop business credit for your product or service based business from one of the best. @Ellietalksmoney


Creative Content: Social media content has the ability to convert into dollars. Come learn how to speak to your target audience from Terry Griffin. 


Team Development: Going to the next level requires more than just you as the founder. Hiring experts to your team increases your overall revenue. Coach Dari will break down how to best utilize your team. 



















The VIP Experience is an exclusive private catered dinner with the speakers and special guest.  More tailored conversation to where you can get your questions answered and the conversation is different.


Sponsorship Opportunities Available


Here's the Recap from our last event with Mahdi Woodard. “The GPS of Entrepreneurship”

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