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Statement Tee Shirt Club

WHat is the statement Tee shirt Club?

Statement Tee's are for the everyday person who likes to inspire, encourage, and let the statements express their feelings.

When you become a member to the Statement Tee Shirt Club, we will send you an exclusive shirt for that month.  Each design is exclusive for that month and by signing up you will get your shirt before its released to the public.  Also, being part of the club you will get membership pricing along with free shipping

Why should i join?

Exclusivity, membership discounts, amazing shirts, free shipping and you'll be the first to get the shirt before the public


If you sign up before the 10th of the month, you will get the Statement Tee for that month.  If you sign up after the 10th, you'll get the Statement Tee of the following month.  You can sign up for month to month or 3 months recurring.

If you want the current month Statement Tee after the 10th, you will have to just pay the non membership price

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