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Are you ready to join the most incredible MENTORSHIP, social growth, and ACCOUNTABILITY group for the top aspiring, GOAL accomplishing ENTREPRENEURS

Here's what YOU get

  1. Weekly Zoom meetings (every Sunday 11:00am/pst)

  2. Private FB group with other entrepreneurs (with replays, trainings and worksheets)

  3. Special Guest Speakers

  4. Brand development

  5. Marketing strategies

  6. Content Creation

  7. Goal setting and accountability partners

  8. Book club

If all of this sounds good, you have 2 options: sign up now or schedule a call and let's talk about it

  • Mentorship Club

    Every month

Benefits from group learning

Sometimes we feel we are all alone and we are the only one's who doesn't have it all figured out but in reality that isn't true.  Being around like minded people that will help you grow is life changing.

  1. You're EXPOSED to a variety of perspectives

  2. Improve social SKILLS

  3. Accountability and responsibility

  4. Receive social support and ENCOURAGEMENT to take risks

  5. Ability to view situations from others PERSPECTIVE

Lets see what others are saying

You're waiting but your customers won't

  • Mentorship Club

    Every month

Every month that goes by and you're not making the amount of money you want, that means there's something you don't know and/or not doing right

If you don't make a change today you'll be in the same place tomorrow

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